2014 Americans in Paris Concert Tour

The Hartford Chorale travels to Paris in 2014 for an exciting musical tour and invites singers from other choirs, choruses, and ensembles to join us! Click here for more information and forms.

    Americans in Paris promises to be a trip to remember, as the Hartford Chorale and its guests bring a musical gift to the City of Lights, presenting great sacred choral music in some of the most breathtaking churches of Paris, where architecture, instruments, and acoustics coalesce in magical splendor. In addition to the basic musical tour in Paris, participants also have the option to add an Extension Tour to Saumur in the Loire Valley for wine tasting and wine and mushroom cave sight-seeing! We are still welcoming singers and non-singers who wish to travel with the Chorale!

    Singers not active in the Hartford Chorale will be asked to submit a choral‐experience résumé, indicating samples of choral repertoire performed and with which choruses or choirs, including the names of directors. Please be sure to indicate current voice part on the résumé.

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