2025 United Kingdom Tour

Hartford Chorale, in association with ACFEA, is excited to offer a musical tour to three of the most fascinating cities in the United Kingdom July 11-21, 2025!

Join us for this exciting musical experience! You can read more details here about the tour, and review the (updated!) proposed repertoire here.

To join us on this fabulous adventure, download and complete the registration form below, and use the payment link to make your registration payment. The same link will be used to pay any installments due.

Registration form – pdf

All payments will be made using Zeffy, a popular platform that caters to small nonprofits like Hartford Chorale! See the attached document for details on the different ways you can submit payments.
All payments are made in installments and are due according to the following schedule:
UK2025 Passenger Payment Plans
Full Land Only     SS Deviations
Registration $500 $500
August 1 2024 $1,000 $1,000
October 1 2024 $1,000 $1,000
February 1 2025 $1,000 $1,000 $1,150
April 15 2025 $1,150 $0 ***
 TOTAL $4,650 $3,500 $1,150
*** individual prices
Full = Full tour, including both land portion and airfare, for the specified dates
Land Only = The land portion but no airfare; passengers make their own flight arrangements
SS = Fee to secure single hotel room supplement, no roommate

Deviations = Passengers who want to, perhaps, go over early, stay later, etc., and ACFEA makes the arrangements for this

If you join the tour after August 1, 2024, your initial payment will include the registration and first installment: $1500

We will send payment reminders two weeks prior to each due date. It is critical that payments are made on time, as we must pay ACFEA.

You are more than welcome to pay your balance in full at any time.

The link to payment portal is again provided here.

Not a current Hartford Chorale member?  You can still apply to join the tour as a singing tour member! Please start by submitting a letter of recommendation from either a voice teacher or choral conductor that you have worked with to our music director, Jack Anthony Pott, at musicdirector@HartfordChorale.org.

join us - hartford chorale on tour to the UK
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