Institutional Supporters

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Hartford Chorale season programming is made possible in part by support from the very generous foundations and other institutions that provided funding between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2021.

Richard P. Blumberg
Choral Arts New England
DECD-Ct Office of the Arts
Ensworth Charitable Trust
Richard P. Garmany Fund
Gawlicki Family Foundation
Greater Hartford Chapter American Guild of Organists

Greater Hartford Arts Council
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
William and Alice Mortensen Foundation
Musical Club of Hartford
Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

Individual Contributors

Hartford Chorale is very grateful to the following individuals and institutions that made generous donations that were received between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2021

Maestro ($2,500 and above)

Dawn Haney Bauer
Adlyn and Ted Loewenthal
Frank and Jane von Holzhausen

Baton ($1,000 – $2,499)

Susan Adams and John Czepiel
Edwin Below and Andre Oberle
Don and Nancy Clark

Richard Coffey and Jason Charneski
John and Janet Gregor
Joanne and Don Huelsman
Joan Hultquist and Ron Motter

Eric and Jennifer Palmer
Lalitha Shivaswamy
Thomas C. Flanigan and Jonathan E. Stone

Guarantor ($500 – $999)

Joyce and Harold Buckingham
Barbara O. David
Martin Dodd
Kristen L. Fallon
Anne Filion and Dr. Sergio Mejia
Julie Gibson

Landy Gobes
Susan and Robert Gold
Mary Ann Haar
Dick and Beverly Hughes
David R. Lesieur
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Osowiecki

Kristen Phillips
Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr.
Jolnda Tresner
Edith and Jim Tresner
MacDara Tynan

Benefactor ($250 – $499)

Gayle Amato and Jerome Lusa
Valerie and Fred Baker
Robert Bausmith and Jill Peters-Gee, M.D.
Lynne and Jonathan Brill
Kathy and Chick Chamberlin
Ben and Jean Esselink
Eileen M. Figueroa
Scott Schoem & Rachel Garron
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Guyer
Jacqueline Haefs

Carrie Hammond
Priscilla R. Hurley
Catherine Kalonia
Catherine A. Little
Jeanine and Robert Lovendale
Mary and Dick Loyer
Cynthia K Mackay
George and Arwen Norman
Diane L. Northrop
Linda and Jim Olbrys

St. John’s Episcopal Church Rev. Pinkerton, Rector
Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Pinney, Jr.
Dougla Pyrke
Stephanie E. Rosener, M.D.
David M. and Linda H. Roth
Chris & Lisa Skomorowski
Linda and Jim Olbrys
Janet Stone and Michael Selissen
Lee A. Tremback

Patron ($75-$249)

Ann Amato
Alice H. Anderson
James R. Barry
Stewart C. Battle
Carol H. Bennett
Roger Bennett
Greg Benoit
Leif Bjaland
The Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair
Robert and Salli-Jo Borden
Laura Broad
Judith Brown
Rich Browner
Inga Buhrmann
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Burdette
Adriana Chichester
Jonathan Clune
Frances A. Cobb
Lorraine Creedon
Joe Dawkins
Linda Delone Best
Leslie and Gertrude Desmangles
Ron Dukenski
Maria Ellis
Bob and Liz Engstrom
Don and Nancy Evans
Amanda and John Fecteau
Sara W. Felter
Diana L.Garcia
Andrew Garretto

Pierre and MaryEllen Guertin
Hugh Haffenreffer
Joan K. Hagan
Robert S. and Susan B. Hensley
Shepherd M. Holcombe, Jr.
Frisha Hugessen
Virginia Hughes
Brad Hurley
Ken and Ruth Jacobson
Mathew and Valerie Jasinski
Stephen Jewell
Eva Kaplan
Michael Keating
David & Peggy Kilgore
Edward Kloehn
Jim and Deb Knorr
Betty Knorr
Alan Kramer
Evan and Lauren Lambert
Julie Legrant
Peter H. Levine
Diane Link
Jeanine and Robert Lovendale
Elaine and Brad Magrey
Alan Mann
Walter and Anne Mayo
Heidi McKee
Ann M. McKinney
Dave & Joanne Miller
Ron Motter

Jane Nevico-DiPillo
Louis and Gloria Nuechterlein
Greg and Susan Orred
Richard and Barbara Oswald
Rod and Deb Pelletier
Susan V. W. Pollock
Susan Porta
Thomas and Deborah Reith
The Choir of the First Congregational Church of Granby
Dr. Joel & Rhona Roffer
Patricia and Jim Ryan
Beverly Sager
Catherine and Eric Schulman
Mark and Nancy Schultz
Gene & Susan Shaffer-Bartley
Ann and Allen Shenk
Mary A. Simon, MD
Kathy and Kenn Sinclair
Ruthanne and Dan Sullivan
Richard and Marcia Tecca
Lynette & Richard Thornburg
Chris and Kathy Tolsdorf
Gordon and Marlene Turnbull
Beatrice Ukraincik
Ellen Voth
Richard and Maureen Wenner
Elizabeth White
Sarah and Raymond Winter

Friend (up to $74)

Ashika Brinkley
Claire and Robert Burnett
Lorraine Cetto
Stephen Cottle
Alan Dickinson
Sally Dickinson
Katharina Dienwebel
Helen Newell Douglas
Inge-Marie Eigsti
Richard Fee
Elizabeth and David Flynn
Steven and Danielle Foint
Mike Foley
Michael Colin Godfrey
Jonathan Gorham
Virginia Grant
Karen Greer
Joyce and Gregory Hall

Jessica Hampton
John Hayes
Nina Hinchee
Karen Hofheimer
Polly Hughes, Jr.
Helen and Don Hughlett
Laura Kane
Alan Kennedy
Melanie Knap
John Koziol
Emilie Kundycki
Sarah M. Kyder
Nancy and Gerald Lemega
Mark Lubka
Alexander Lubka
Nancy L. Mandly
Leta W. Marks
Daniel Martin

Donna Matulis
Vaughn Mauren
Pat Mcclish
Mark Miller and Peggy Vagts
Laurie Miner
Tom and Enid Oberholtzer
Paul O’Mara
Beth Ann Loveland Sennett
Barbara Steele
Thomas Stickney
Glenda Strother
Christine Wallace
William Warner-Prouty
Elaine and Richard Wilson
Jermaine Woodard Jr.
Roger Young

Special Tributes

In Memory Of   –  Donor
Ron and Wendy Begansky  –  John Hayes
Ron and Wendy Begansky –  The Choir of the First Congregational Church of Granby
Barbara Bell Clark –  Don and Nancy Clark
William Creedon –  Lorraine Creedon
Jack Fairchild –  Dougla Pyrke
Jean Filer –  Carol H. Bennett
Elizabeth Trophy Flanagan –  Leif Bjaland
George Legrant –  Julie Legrant
Donna Lemay –  Edward Kloehn

In Honor of –  Donor
Rachel W. Battle –  Stewart C. Battle
Dick Hughes –  Virginia Hughes
Joan Hultquist –  Ron Motter
James Lanning –  Jessica Hampton
Eric Palmer –  Heidi McKee
James Tresner –  Joynda Tresner

Employee Matching and Volunteer Recognition Gifts

Aetna Foundation
Cigna Corp.
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Exxon Mobile

The Hartford
Mass Mutual
PW Power Systems
Travelers Community Connections
United Health Group
United Technologies

In-Kind Support

In addition to all of our financial supporters, a very special thanks to those individuals who have provided goods and services as IN-KIND donations. We could not manage without them.

Agave Grill
Dawn Bauer
Edwin Below
Cameo Photo Video
Collinsville CT Merchants Association
Joe Coray
Char Koon Restaurant
Richard Coffey
Kris Fallon
Elizabeth Flynn
Janet Gregor
Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Hill-Stead Museum
Joanne Huelsman
Joan Hultquist
Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts
Peggy Kilgore
Laylock Cottage Design
Evan Lambert
Lauren Lambert
Diane Link
Jeanine Lovendale
Metro Bis
Arwen Norman

Deborah Reith
River Point Quay Conference Center
Salute Restaurant
Jack & Donna Sennott
Janet Stone
Lalitha Shivaswamy
Theater Works Hartford
Richard Tecca
Valenti Hartford
Jane Von Holzhausen
Elizabeth White

Special Acknowledgments

  • Logo Design – Arwen Norman
  • Brochures/Flyers – Kristen Fallon
  • Website Design & Development – ColandreaDesign LLC