Staff and Board



The Chorale has an active, involved Board of Governors balanced between singing members and non-singing community leaders who meet 6 to 8 times a year. The Board has its regular elections at its annual meeting in June. The standing Board committees are expected to execute strategic plan priorities, and every Board member serves on at least one committee: Artistic Programming, Board Governance, Development, Membership, Education/Outreach, Marketing, and Finance.

OFFICERS for the 2023-2024 season

President – Lalitha Shivaswamy
Executive Vice President – Susan Adams
Secretary – Stewart Battle
Vice President, Governance – Susan Adams
Vice President, Marketing – Fred Baker
Vice President, Membership – Steve Cottle
Co-Vice President, Finance – Charles “Chick” Chamberlin
Co-Vice President, Finance – Sayoko Davenport
Vice President, Artistic Programming – Edwin Below
Vice President, Development – Joan Hultquist


Dawn Haney Bauer (Special Events Chair, Tour Manager)
Joe Campolieta
Joseph Coray
Elizabeth Flynn (Education and Outreach Chair)
Andrew Garretto
Susan Gold
Joanne Huelsman (Immediate Past President)
Diane Link
Adlyn Loewenthal
Janet Stone
Richard Tecca
Richard Wilson
Jermaine Woodard, Jr.

Matthias Church, Budapest, Summer 2017