Message to Membership – April 18, 2024

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

What a fabulous week it has been!

Last weekend we completed our journey of Vivaldi & Bernstein with three stellar performances at the Bushnell with the HSO and Jacomo Bairos. Not only was it an artistic success, but it was a financial success for our hosts, solidifying that good choral music sells in Hartford – Bravi Tutti to all!!

Then, on Monday we dove into the deep end with Fauré, and thus began our 5th and final concert sequence of 2023-2024. Thank you for your preparation, and for the work you will continue to do. At Rehearsal #2, we will touch on the rest of the concert repertoire, and review what we’ve already done.

There are many resources you can find online to help you in your preparations: 100’s of recordings can be accessed on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, etc. (Many of you may also have LPs/CDs in your own library that you like – if anyone has an 8-Track of our concert rep you win a prize!) You can also type the French of “Cantique de Jean Racine” into Google Translate and hear it spoken back to you (keep in mind that there are certain final syllables in spoken French that you will not hear, but that we do sing.) As you have already heard, the music for this will be entrancingly beautiful, and I encourage you to start “selling” this concert to friends and family.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR APRIL 22: Tenors and Basses will be released early so that Sopranos and Altos can rehearse the Messe Basse.

UK TOUR ’25 – I do hope that ALL of you are considering signing up for our summer tour to the UK next year. I will say from personal experience that concert tours (like what we have planned) are some of the most life-changing/amazing experiences. Including my collegiate years and time with the Chorale, I have been on 8 concert tours, two of which went overseas. As someone who LOVES to travel, as well as sing, there is no better way to experience both! If you have friends who sing (but are not in the Chorale), they are welcome to join too. Just have them reach out to me so I can confirm voicing, etc. Please don’t hesitate to ask me or others on the tour committee for more info.


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chorale,

Once again, I want to say congratulations for the wonderful performances this past weekend! It was such a pleasure to be in the audience for all three performances and the energy was amazing!

A few reminders:

Program Ad Forms are available for our May Concert and are due April 30th. Please reach out to local businesses that you frequent to see if they want to purchase an ad and support Hartford Chorale!!

Make sure to check out the information on Touring above — this will be an opportunity you will not want to pass up! If you have any questions, please reach out to any member of the tour committee!

As mentioned at Monday’s rehearsal, we are getting ready for the Annual Golf Tournament! If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to a member of the golf committee to get involved.

If you have any questions — please feel free to reach out!

Enjoy your weekend! I will see you all on Monday!