Message to Membership – February 9, 2023

Message from the Music Director
Dear Chorale,

Let me say first, that I love being part of an organization/culture that embraces the immense musical challenges of a rehearsal, while simultaneously creating space to instantly step up and help a fellow chorister in need. Both of those were full display this week as we continued to work hard on the music, as well as provided assistance for our dear friend, Phyllis, who I understand is doing well (thank goodness!).

Each week brings us closer to our goal with respect to preparing the music, and we are on track with what I had hoped to accomplish by this point. I want to reiterate what was stated at the first few rehearsals: at this point, there can be no “going back” to work on things that we have already mastered. That simply means you continue to review everything. Our next two rehearsals (2/13 & 2/18) will be hard-working as we seek to bring this music to the finish line. This will allow us to use 2/20 as a final run through/polishing prior to the dress rehearsal on 2/23.

A special word of thanks goes to our soprano section leaders (Jennifer Ferrand, Stacey Grimaldi, Schauntice Shepard)  for providing the an impromptu sectional, as well as email notes for their sections. That work has already paid dividends!

A reminder to you all about the new recording that was released last week by the Dessoff Choirs in NYC, which features the Bonds “Credo” with orchestra. It is quite good, and is available for purchase on iTunes, as well as the Record label here:

Message from the President
Dear Hartford Chorale,

All roads lead to Feb-24. You have all been working diligently spreading the news about our concert as evidenced by the fact that our ticket sales and social media shares have started picking up. We have 15 days to our big day. A few extra minutes a day promoting our concert will reap huge dividends in the end.
I also wanted to thank members who brought to our attention any bugs in the ticket link. If you are experiencing glitches, please let Emily know. The Bushnell handles our box office and has been very diligent in fixing issues, should we experience them.
I also wanted to let you know that our beautiful Phyllis is keeping well! A case of dehydration brought down whom I know as an iron woman. Many thanks to Dr. Mary Simon for being at the ready and ensuring Phyllis was supported until her son arrived. This is who we are, and I am very proud of that.
Thank you all for working on making our concert a success. I look forward to sharing more stories about the behind-the-scenes. We have much to do and much to be proud of.

Message from the Executive Director
Dear Chorale,
I hope everyone is having a great week. Only 15 days to our show! If you have not bought your tickets yet, please do so! The link can be found below and remember that the membership discount code is CHORALEFAN.
Program Advertisement deadline has been extended to tomorrow, February 10th! If you know of any businesses or people who want to put an ad in our program, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
If you have any questions about the links or anything else about the upcoming show, please let me know.
Thank you,
Message from our Friends 
Saturday, February 11th at 3PM, Concora is hosting Feel the Spirit: The Legacy of Moses Hogan. Please see the attached flyer for more information!
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