Message to Membership – January 25, 2024

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

Thank you for a great first rehearsal with Dvorak! There is much that was achieved this week. Since this is less than 20 minutes of singing for us, I am confident that we can solidify things at our next rehearsal and reach our goal of being prepared for Maestro Colby when he joins us on February 5th. However, that does mean a concerted effort on your part in preparing for rehearsal #2 next week. I appreciate your diligence and look forward to Monday!


Hartford Chorale on Parade! So far I have heard from 3 people about performing in our February 12 talent show. Please send me your interest NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31. This event is your chance to showcase your artistic talents to your fellow members, so dig out those solos, duets, etc. All submissions are encouraged (vocal, instrumental, poetry reading, etc.) and should be emailed to me at (please do not mention it to me in person – use email)


Lastly, I continue to receive compliments about our Hurd-Bonds concert videos (now available on our YouTube channel). I encourage you to share it with friends, and on your social media platforms. This is something for us to be very proud of. I also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and “Like” the videos. All of this helps the search algorithm to direct people to us.


Message from the Executive Director


Dear Chorale,

It was great to hear your lovely voices again at rehearsal — keep up the good work!

Golf Committee is looking for some volunteers to help with planning our tournament, please read below for more information.

I have gotten a few questions about tickets for this concert, please visit the website or call them for tickets.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to reach out.

See you Monday!


Golf Committee is looking for Volunteers!

We are looking for anyone who is interested in helping with the early stages of planning the golf tournament that will be taking place in June!

If you are interested in volunteering on the Golf Committee, please email or see Joan Hultquist at rehearsal.

50th Anniversary Concert CDs

CDs for the 50th Anniversary Concert will be available for pick up.

The CD will be $15, please see the link below if you would like to purchase!