Message to Membership – January 6, 2022

From the Music Director …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

One of my favorite seasonal carols has the refrain, “Be merry and glad this good new year.” While all around us there is cause for lack of merriment, we who love great choral music can still rejoice that singing lies ahead for us all, despite the many roadblocks that have come our way. Elsewhere you will read about the latest directives of the Reopening Committee, all with the goal of proceeding with our March 24 Messiah performance.

I am glad that we are still holding auditions (online rather than in-person), and several candidates are in the queue. Jack Pott’s vocal workshops for us all continue as well, two on-line and one in person. The Chorale’s leadership remains attuned to every possible twist and turn in our path, with group-safety the chief goal, as always.

All best,


From the Board President …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

Happy New Year to you all! I can’t believe we are already completing the first week of 2022. In just one short week, three committees have met. Marketing led by Fred Baker, Commission led by Rick Wilson, and the Reopening Committees have had their sessions. The Development Committee led by Joan Hultquist never sleeps. Please join me in congratulating them as they have brought in two grant awards while on break!

Of special importance this week, please take note of the statement from our Reopening Committee. There is much information to share, and I thank you all for reading and noting new requirements and changes. We’re working hard to ensure a safe and satisfying season for our community.

Thank you all for remaining flexible and in good cheer. Until I write to you again, have a wonderful week and weekend.



From the Reopening Committee …

The Reopening Committee met earlier this week to discuss the current coronavirus situation. While the number of positive cases is concerning, all indications are that the cases will peak in the next few weeks and then decline. In light of this information, the Committee is recommending we go forward with our scheduled Messiah concert on March 24, 2022, with the following changes in schedule and safety precautions:

  • The first Messiah rehearsal will be moved back one week to February 14.
  • The snow date on the original schedule, Saturday, March 12, will become a regular rehearsal date. The rehearsal time will be 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm.
  • The three vocal workshops planned prior to the beginning of rehearsals will also be pushed back one week. The first two, January 24 and 31, will be virtual-only workshops. The final workshop, February 7, will be in-person at St. James’s as well as virtual.
  • All members singing in-person will be required to be fully vaccinated and to have a booster shot. Details on how to verify your booster shot will be included in next week’s Message to Members.
  • All in-person singing will be with masks until further notice.
  • Details on Covid safety precautions during production week in March will be determined closer to the time of rehearsals and concert.

As always, the primary concern of the Reopening Committee is the safety of members. We believe these adjustments to our schedule will keep members safe and allow us to move forward with our concert season. The Committee will be meeting one more time before rehearsals begin to determine if any further adjustment is needed to the schedule. Thank you all for remaining flexible. We look forward to a safe season.

The Reopening Committee is Lalitha Shivaswamy, Richard Coffey, Jack Pott, Susan Adams, Edwin Below and Greg Benoit.