Message to Membership – June 9, 2022

From the Music Director …

Dear Chorale,

Our two rehearsals with Adam Boyles have been exhilarating and productive. Wednesday’s, with the orchestra, was “express,” indeed. Clearly he is pleased; otherwise, he would have kept us longer and drilled down more. That is not to say he is not very exacting in his expectations, and he achieves great things with us, and always in a cheerful yet serious manner. Shown here are notes assembled by both Jack and me, merging details of the two rehearsals. Please enter these into your scores and review them before Thursday’s rehearsal. Thank you in advance for all of that!!

  • Pg. 10, m. 238-240: bigger and brighter; a shouted “joy”.
  • Pg. 11, m. 257 and thereafter: Watch carefully and do not rush.
  • Pg. 12, m. 284: Brighter and bolder “Ja” from basses.
  • Pg. 13, m. 292: Basses lighten up low A; ensure “Bund” is full value to downbeat of m. 293.
  • Pg. 15: Congratulations to the sopranos for always sounding so good on the high Bs.
  • Pg. 25 (and elsewhere): No hard “G” in “umschlungen”.
  • Pg. 25, m. 602: The release is on beat six, a quarter rest (later than earlier learned). Be very careful here.
  • Pg. 25, m.610: Release of “Welt” is on quarter rest; not half-rest (this is new and will be hard to unlearn).
  • Pg. 25, overall: Adam. has added breaks in several places, such as within “millionen.” Men (especially), capture all of these.
  • Pg. 26, m. 622: Alert to the rests and releases here. NOW beat four is a quarter rest for s/a/t.
  • Pg. 26, m. 626: Separate “woh-nen” and apply an early cut (this is new).
  • Pg. 27, m.638: Big release of “Welt” on beat three. Count and cut off boldly.
  • Pg. 27, m. 640-642: molto crescendo.
  • Pg. 27, m. 646: Release “wohnen” without a schwa (Adam. calls it a “shadow vowel” and does not want one here).
  • Pg. 27, m. 631: Sopranos, go for a gentle and well-tuned D of “Ihr.”
  • Pg. 28, m. 654-655. Altos breathe early and go directly into the Allegro This is new for everyone!
  • Pg. 31, m. 685-696: Tenors and altos in m. 688-689: Insist upon and enjoy these syncopations.
  • Pg. 34, m. 730: Bass entrance is piano and most be sure-of-pitch.
  • Pg. 35, m. 730-737: Men, watch sharply and keep this steady!
  • Pg. 35, m. 741: Watch for the release. It is on beat six (not earlier, as in prior performances).
  • Pg. 40, m. 811: Adam inserts an extra beat into the measure between “Bruder” and “werden”. CAREFUL! (It worked Wednesday night!! Keep alert.)
  • Pg. 43, m. 858: “Welt” is cut short, note that (sopranos, especially, don’t linger on the high “A”).
  • Pg. 43, m. 863: Adam adds half-measure of rest, shortening “Welt”  and no carry-over to m, 864. A big change from our prior performances.

Please note that Thursday’s rehearsal makes possible our being in the auditorium at 7:00 p.m. to hear the concert’s first half. We are to be called to the stage the minute the orchestra breaks and clears the stage, likely 8:00 p.m., for an 8:15 p.m. run of the Beethoven IX, in full, to conclude at 9:30 p.m. We may be asked to remain for chorus notes, to conclude no later than 9:45 pm. There are some really glorious moments in what you are doing. Don’t for get to look for the pleasures. There are many.

Now with 43 singers having dropped out of this Beethoven commitment, a great responsibility rests with those who remain steadfast to their agreement. What we present to the orchestra and to the audience this week carries an enormous weight as to how the HSO proceeds in its relationship with us. I have been asked to meet with orchestra officials on June 27 to discuss this, and more. And so, to the true and faithful amongst the ranks, THANK YOU for what lies ahead this week and weekend.


From the Board President …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

As I write this message, I am sitting in the audience section at the Belding watching the rehearsal. I’ve attached a picture. How I wish I could be in the risers! It’s so wonderful to be singing together…. Something we now know can no longer be taken for granted.

I look forward to a weekend where we enthrall and enrich our audiences. Please take good care of yourselves as we enter a marathon weekend. I will be in the audience on Sunday and can’t wait to be part of a group of adoring fans!


From the Golf/Auction Committee …

Save the date on Monday, June 27, for our biggest fundraising event of the year – The Annual Hartford Chorale Classic Golf Tournament and Online Auction! Please see the attached flyer and the “All Things Golf” attachment.

  • The Tournament will be played at Blackledge Country Club in Hebron, CT.
  • Scramble Format.
  • Registration at 9:00 AM and Shotgun start at 10:00 AM.
  • Price – $125 per player, lunch included.
  • After golf – join us for a Happy Hour where we can brag about our scores and take part in a Teacup raffle. Follow the link below to register your foursome.


Sign up to play in the Hartford Chorale Golf Tournament HERE!!!


Online Auction starts June 13th. More details to follow.

SPONSORS – Do you know or support a local business owner? Ask them if they would like a bit more exposure by sponsoring a Tee Box or a hole for our upcoming tournament. There is still time – please see the attached form or contact Joan Hultquist ( for more information.

AUCTION ITEMS TO DONATE – Do you have something you’d like to donate, or can you create a themed gift package or basket? Please contact Dawn Bauer (

From the Office …

The discount code for purchasing tickets for the upcoming Beethoven IX concert is CHORALE2022 (thanks, Ed Savage).