Message to Membership – March 21, 2024

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

Thank you all for a fantastic rehearsal this past Monday evening. We are definitely in a good position to present this music, and still have a few weeks to go!

I want congratulate you on your fabulous work on Vivaldi & Bernstein. You sound amazing, and I actually think we could do the concert this week if needed (thankfully, we don’t!) Because things are going so well, I have decided to alter the upcoming schedule, as well as confirm new call times for the performance days. Please take a note of the altered schedule on the Members page for the next two weeks, as well as new information about production week call times.

Over this weekend, take a few moments to look through your scores, turning pages and looking at the music as it goes by. Make sure there’s nothing that takes you by surprise as you turn a page or look to the next section. Your goal is to be able to look at it and hear it in your head clearly, knowing what’s coming next and anticipating difficulties. Specifically, make sure you are confident with words and rhythm in the Bernstein, especially in those sections where others in your section may be singing something different.

I’ve spent a little bit of time looking at videos of our guest Conductor in anticipation of next week Monday (3/25) so that I can present something different to you. Needless to say, I am very excited to work with him on April 8, and I think you will enjoy his energy and charismatic Persona!

I do hope to see many of you this coming Monday night before rehearsal for the tour information session. Having been on the 2017 tour (as well as other concert tours in my career) I can promise you it will be a fabulous trip!


Message from the President

Dear Hartford Chorale,

Many thanks to those who were able to attend the special meeting on Monday. I truly appreciate you making the time work within your respective schedules. A thousand apologies for the missing line in the sheet presented to you. The fault is entirely mine, and I am grateful that you pointed it out. I have attached the board approved budget sheet with the line that had gone hidden (highlighted in yellow).

Looking ahead to Monday, I hope you will attend the tour info session at 6 pm on Monday. Members who have been on tour will tell you it is a fun experience leaving many looking forward to the next one. What better way to travel than to do it with singing! Many thanks to the tour committee led by Dawn Bauer for their many months of hard work bringing this to you.

Until then, have a wonderful week and weekend!


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chorale,

I hope all is well!Please take note of the upcoming schedule changes posted on the Members page.

Reminder! Program Ad Forms are available for our May Concert and are due April 30th. 

I also wanted to remind everyone that tickets for the Vivaldi concert are available on the HSO’s website. The discount code that Hartford Chorale members and friends can use is HSOHC2023 — this code can be applied to other performances as well. Please read more about this below. The flyer for this concert is attached to this email, please share and help us fill seats!

For those of you interested in touring with the Chorale, there will be an info session for the UK Tour at 6 PM at St. James this upcoming Monday, March 25th. I hope you can join us!

See you on Monday!