Message to Membership – May 4, 2023

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

Rehearsal this past Monday was quite productive, and I remain grateful for all of the work/preparation you are each doing. I am very excited about our upcoming production week and feel that we are poised to peek at the right time with this music. In your own preparation for next week, I encourage you to look through the entire concert, turning Pages slowly, and making any additional markings in your music that will aid in next weeks rehearsals.

Please be alert to call times for the rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday, Friday so you are ready to go at 7 PM. Also, we will take multiple breaks at each of those rehearsals because we will be dealing with risers instead of chairs.

Happy Star Wars day, and May the 4th be with you!

Jack Anthony Pott


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chorale,

Please read this message for information on the upcoming week. As I mentioned, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the next week as there may be information and updates coming your way!

Production Week Call Times:

Monday, May 8th — 6:40 PM

Wednesday, May 10th & Friday, May 12th — 6:45 PM

Saturday, May 13th (Concert Day!) — 2:30 PM

These rehearsals are all at Immanuel Congregational Church at 10 Woodland St. Hartford, CT 06105.

Parking is available for members at 19 Woodland St (right across from Immanuel) and at 43 Woodland St. (right down the road).

Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes to rehearsals as we will be rehearsing on risers.

Snacks: There will be no official call for snacks this week so please bring your own. Let’s be courteous to our rehearsal space and not bring anything that has a lot of crumbs or could easily make a mess. Please bring a water bottle that is not metal.

If you have not purchased tickets — please use coupon code: CHORALEFAN for the membership discount at check out! Click the button below or you can see me before rehearsal or during break to purchase tickets.

Tell everyone you know that this concert is happening! Share our posts on social media! Spread the word! Have a great weekend!

See you Monday,