Message to Membership – November 11, 2021

Message to Membership – Thursday, November 11, 2021

From the Music Director …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

Monday’s conclave, devoted to our 50th anniversary concert’s repertoire, was revelatory in a number of ways: the large number of attendees; the electricity in the room created simply by being together with the common purpose of looking ahead with excitement to our performance season; and, perhaps limited just to me, the watching of your faces (even masked!) as you became immersed in the beauty of the music-making that we will enjoy preparing and presenting. Time and again, I witnessed a smile (which can be seen in the eyes), and often a tear in those eyes, some when the violin solo launched the Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music, or when the true message of “How Can (We) Keep from Singing” gripped us, or the heart-rending beauty of the Biebl “Ave Maria,” or the pleasant surprises (shocks?) of the stunning modulations in Carol Barnette’s “Steal Away”.

Next week’s session is devoted entirely to Scott Perkins’ Alive Poems, whose beautiful scores were distributed last week (and will be available next week, too). Scott will be with us, remotely, the whole time, and our commission committee will have a special guest, to be introduced to us by Adlyn Loewenthal. Come one, come all.

On this Veterans Day, we recognize and honor the sacrifices made for peace and democracy by those among our membership who have served in the military. Deepest thanks to you all.



From the Board President …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

I cannot wait for Monday when we finally get to hear our commissioned piece! Many thanks to the 50th Anniversary Commission Committee chaired by Dr. Rick Wilson for getting us to this point. Many thanks to the 50th Anniversary Committee chaired by Joanne Huelsman for coordinating logistics ensuring the timely compiling, printing, proofreading and delivery of scores. It was no small task in this day of supply chain upheavals to get this all done! And a massive thanks to Kris Fallon for designing the beautiful cover on our lovely scores! I cannot wait for that moment when we all open our scores together.

I do have a few important notes for you below.

  1. As many of you have read in my previous message, our friend and fellow singer, Susan Porta (Alto II) is terminally ill. Some members have asked for Susan Porta’s postal address. Her address is 57 Webster Hill Blvd, West Hartford, CT 06107.
  2. Please pay special note to the librarians’ note below. If you are picking up your music on Monday, please make your payment either by check or online. Thank you to all who have been considerate of the office in this regard. For those yet to pay for and pick up your music, this is a reminder we will not be accepting cash at score pick up time.
  3. If you are planning on attending the conclave in-person, please be sure to complete your commitment form and provide your proof of vaccine to the office.

Scott Perkins will be in attendance via Zoom, and I cannot wait for us to greet him with our signature Hartford Chorale warmth and camaraderie! Until Monday, have a wonderful week and weekend.


From the Vice President, Membership …

Calling all Basses!

I’m sad to report that our beloved Jerry Theodorou has had to take a temporary sabbatical from the Chorale. As a result, we are now in need of a Bass ASL.

The duties are pretty basic. I provide you with an attendance roster, and you take the attendance at each rehearsal. It gives you a great opportunity to get to know all the other singers in the bass section. What do you say guys? Anyone interested? Please let me know. The job’s a great way to meet people.