Message to Membership – November 18, 2021

Message to Membership – Thursday, November 18, 2021

From the Music Director …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

Our third of three conclaves was proof-positive of the glories that lie ahead in our 50th anniversary season, including and especially the May 20 concert, and, within that, the premiere of our commissioned work. How gratifying it was to have so many of you present for the preview of that, in the presence of the composer himself, Scott Perkins. By the time the edit master is posted, and the various on-line aids are available, we can all have a remarkable and enjoyable “head start” in our preparations. We will notify everyone when those are posted as well as when the complete Messiah edits are posted. Meanwhile, as to Messiah, here again (attached) is the playlist for our March 24 concert, for those who are ready to “dig in” now.

I thank all who helped organize and lead the conclaves, and most especially Jack Pott, who again displayed that he is our media-magician beyond compare.

Please continue to encourage friends and associates to audition for membership in January (10, 17, 24). The more, the merrier, for all that lies ahead in 2022.Information will be on our website, auditions page.

Meanwhile, a Happy Thanksgiving to all…..


From the Board President …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

It’s hard to believe that our Messiah sing-in and three conclaves are already behind us! Every event was so very enjoyable. Thank you to everyone for following through with our safety protocols. We had a wonderful time together with peace of mind. Many thanks to our librarians Jeanine Lovendale and Danielle Foint for the time and effort to get our music packets together. I am very excited to start learning these pieces.

Looking ahead, I am looking forward to our board meeting on Monday. We have much to talk about and share. A reminder that there will be no weekly message next week due to Thanksgiving. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I wish you all a splendid festival. I am grateful for the choral sound that has kept us together, hopeful, and cheerful. I am thrilled that we have expanded our ranks with our incredible new members. We have much to look forward to. After all…. how can we keep from singing!


Volunteers Needed!

Saturday, March 19, 2022, is Hartford Chorale Day. Hartford Chorale Day begins with an opportunity to reunite with members past and present in a morning of singing some of our favorite and epic repertoire from these past extraordinary fifty years of choral-symphony music embrace. In the evening there will be a gala event at the Pond House in West Hartford.

We are seeking volunteers to help with the morning Alumni/Member event. A task list has been developed on work that needs to be done before and on the day of the event. Volunteers will participate in several pre-event meetings (by Zoom, unless they are on the night of a rehearsal) and will help on the day of the event in various tasks. The first meeting will be Monday, December 6, 2021, at 7:00 pm. This is a short-term commitment only going through the day of the event.

If you are interested in joining this task force, please send an e-mail by Monday, November 22 to me. Additional materials and information will be sent before the December 6 Zoom meeting.

Thank You!


Edwin Below