Message to Membership – November 30, 2023

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

As December approaches we are nearing the home stretch of our concert preparation. I believe we are in great shape, especially the Handel. The Bach continues to improve with each rehearsal, and there is no reason to think that will cease. That said, your continued attention to every detail in the score is critical, and I thank you in advance for that.

Thank you for the read-through of the carols this past Monday. Even though this moment in the concert is intended to let the audience participate with the performers (and shine!), I was underwhelmed by my choice to have you sing only in unison. Please be prepared for additional instructions on singing harmony. Sopranos – there will definitely be descants for you on all four selections.


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Hartford Chorale,

I hope everyone has had a nice week so far.

Program Advertisement Forms are due next Wednesday, December 6th. Please reach out to local businesses and anyone else who might want an ad in this program as a way help fund this free concert. I have attached a copy to this email so that you have a digital version!

Thank you for everyone who has supported Education and Outreach Committee’s Musical Toy Drive — this is a great way to give back to the community! This Monday, December 4th is the last day to bring your contributions in.

We are looking for volunteers for this concert, continue reading below for more information and a sign up link.

There is more information below on the drive, volunteer sign ups, and more below, so please read this entire email.

Continue to spread the word about this concert! We are very excited!

Have a good weekend! See you on Monday!


Get Involved

Education and Outreach Committee is working on a musical toy drive this month!


Thank you to everyone who has already donated.


There will be one more collection date, December 4th, so bring your donations to rehearsal!


Please note that this drive is for musical toys, but we ask that there be no musical instruments that could be played with mouths.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

We are looking for volunteers for December 20th!


Since this concert is free and we are expecting many people, we do need extra ushers!


If you know someone that would like to volunteer please have them fill out the form below or contact me.


Thanks, Emily


50th Anniversary Concert CDs


CDs for the 50th Anniversary Concert will be available for pick up this Monday, December 4th during rehearsal.


The CD will be $15, please see the link below if you would like to purchase in advance!



Hartford Symphony Orchestra has some wonderful performances coming up in December!


Don’t forget to use the discount codeHSOHC2023 for $10 off your tickets!


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