Message to Membership – September 29, 2022

Message from the Music Director…

Dear Chorale,

The time has come! For what, you ask? A number of things…

  1. We are eagerly awaiting the remainder of your commitment letters for this season – thank you to all have returned them so far!
  2. We are 4 days away from our first Conclave – more information below! 
  3. We are only 2.5 weeks away from our first Messiah rehearsal in 4 years!

These are all indicators that our 51st season is about to launch, and to that I say, “Hallelujah!!” 

Speaking of Messiah, I encourage you to access the items on our website to re-familiarize yourself with this beloved work so that our rehearsals are successful. Every singer must have their scores marked before the first rehearsal. The edit masters can be found on the member page of the website. You will also find documents there with important information. Those documents are also attached to this message.

Like you, I am eager to dive in and begin what we do best…SING!

See you soon,



If you have seen our fall schedule, you know that our season begins with two conclaves on October 3 & 10. 

Due to the ongoing editing process of our 50th anniversary concert recording, we are going to swap the content of those two conclaves. Here is the new schedule:

October 3 – Spring Preview

October 10 – 50th Anniversary Listening Session

For October 10, if you sang in the concert, we encourage you to bring your scores to follow along. We also encourage you to wear your HC name tags. For those who do not have one, there will be name tags for you to use.
Join Us!

Message from the President…

Dear Hartford Chorale,

Welcome to our next 50 years! I have missed you all and cannot wait for us to be back together again. Our first board meeting was this past Monday. We welcomed new board members – Adlyn Loewenthal, Joe Coray, Rick Wilson, Steve Cottle and Sayoko Davenport. The energy and enthusiasm at the meeting was wonderful and we cannot wait to get started. I attach a photo taken after our meeting.Please be sure to note all the points made by our Interim Music Director, Jack Pott. We are just over 2 weeks from our first Messiah… it cannot be here soon enough! I look forward to seeing you all at our first conclave this Monday!


Message from the Executive Director…

Dear Hartford Chorale, 

I am thrilled to be a part of the 51st season of the Chorale! I cannot wait to see what my first season has in store. A few reminders…

Please be sure to review the messages from the Music Director, Safety Committee, and Membership Committee. If you have not yet turned in your commitment letter, I encourage you to do so! If you need a new copy to turn in, please let me know and I will be happy to help! 

I look forward to seeing all of you at the first Conclave on October 3rd! 


Message from the Safety Committee…

The safety committee presented its report at the recent board meeting. Please see below current safety protocols for our upcoming Messiah rehearsals. 

  1. Masks will be worn while singing at rehearsal.
  2. Singers may choose a type of mask that is comfortable for them.
  3. Masks may be taken off during breaks (optional)
  4. Masks will be worn while singing at Messiah Concert. Masks during the performances must be black.  
  5. The Interim Music Director has the option to wear a mask while leading rehearsals.
  6. We will be resuming snacks during break at rehearsals. Snacks are back!
  7. Snacks will be available in the kitchen but can be consumed in the larger room in the basement to provide more space.

Message from the Membership Committee…

Here at membership, we are looking forward to a wonderful new season of singing together.  Before we can join on that first glorious night of Messiah, just a couple of items.  If you have not had an opportunity to return your commitment form for the season, it is time!  We look forward to seeing you and singing with you, but we can’t assign you a seat unless we know you’re coming.  Also, if you are a Baritone or Bass and are interested in serving as an Administrative Section Lead, taking attendance and providing a point of contact for people who are going to miss rehearsals, Membership is looking for you.  Reach out to Steve Cottle at and let us know you’re interested.  Also, if you can come to rehearsal a few minutes early to help set up chairs, that would be a tremendous help!