Message to Membership – Thursday, October 14

From the Music Director …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

I often quote King Solomon’s phrase “The time of singing has come,” and that has never been truer than for us now, as our reopening process gains traction and impact. The most current relevance is to our October 18 and 25 auditions for new members. We are doing this now so that newcomers can be a part of our full season, which includes the October 30 al fresco event, the three November conclaves, and the January vocal master classes. Please continue to spread the word about this golden opportunity for your choral-music-loving friends and associates.

I am pleased to know that so many wish to participate in the October 30 Messiah event. The movements to be rehearsed are #4 (“And the Glory of the Lord”), #12 (“For unto Us a Child Is Born”), #33 (“Lift Up Your Heads”), and #44 (“Hallelujah”).

I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading all about our season’s specifics as to schedule, concert content, and more. We welcome any questions anyone might have.

All best,



From the Board President …

Dear Hartford Chorale,

The Executive Council met this past Monday, and we are so close to the start of a packed season! Our attention is now on auditions. Please let your singing friends know of us and encourage them to audition. Immediately following auditions is our much-awaited Messiah outdoor rehearsal. If you haven’t already signed up, you can still sign up here. Immediately after our outdoor sing are our musical conclaves. I cannot wait to get started.

As we look to the future, we need the following.

  1. We are looking for one more webmaster. Our wonderful webmaster, Catherine Little, has done an excellent job with our website transition and would like another person to work with her. If this is your calling (other than choral singing, of course), please contact the office.
  2. We need a photographer and videographer to document our October 30 rehearsal. Our marketing team led by Fred Baker wants pictures and videos. If you have friends or family members who are good at this and would love to help us, please contact the office as well.

Until I write to you again, have a wonderful week and weekend.

President, Board of Governors