Messiah Moments: In the midst of Hallelujahs

#MessiahMoments: In 1951, I had just joined my High School Mixed Chorus. Toward the end of one of my first rehearsals, the director had us put away the music we’d been rehearsing, and had the students from the previous year sing something they’d learned from memory. This was my introduction to “Messiah”: sitting in the midst of the chorus with Hallelujahs being sung all around me in counterpoint. I had no idea music like that existed. I remember leaving the chorus room feeling awestruck. That feeling still remains after all the years, and all the “Messiahs” since then. – Clint Macgowan, Bass 1, who has lost count of how many times he has sung Messiah

Leading up to our December 10 Messiah performance, we will share thoughts from Chorale members about Handel’s Messiah. Watch facebook, twitter, and the website for our #MessiahMoments!

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