Messiah Moments – Lifted to Another Place

The first time I sang Messiah was in 1984 when I joined the chorale. I had never before performed with a large symphonic chorus, and being at The Bushnell was an incredible thrill. The performance was exhilarating and more exciting than anything I had experienced as a violinist through my college years. Nearing the end of the performance, at the very end of the Amen when the sopranos sing the high A, something extraordinary happened. It was magical, electric, ecstasy, divine. And it wasn’t just me. At the end of the performance many of us just looked at each other and asked, “What just happened?” We were lifted to another place by the power of our voices. Indescribable. There’s nothing like your first time! – Gayle Amato, Soprano I, who has sung Messiah more than 10 times

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