Messiah Moments: Singing by Heart

#MessiahMoments: The Messiah concerts/rehearsals usually fall around my birthday, December 10th. My family and friends have voiced their disappointment at not being able to celebrate with me, but I’ve always insisted that getting dressed up and singing the Messiah at the Bushnell with the HSO on my birthday is one of the best ways to celebrate! Another great thing about having sung Messiah over 25 times over the years (I joined the Chorale in 1980) is that most of the time my eyes are out of the score and on the conductor. There’s nothing like singing Messiah by heart. – Eric Schulman, Tenor I, who has performed Messiah 28 times

Leading up to our December 10 Messiah performance, we will share thoughts from Chorale members about Handel’s Messiah. Watch facebook, twitter, and the website for our #MessiahMoments!

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