Message to Membership – March 30, 2023

Message from the Music Director

Dear Chorale,

We are off and running! With our first rehearsal, we have begun the process of concert preparation that will culminate in May. Despite a few more absences than normal, I felt at our work this past Monday night was solid. In my view, the first go around with any of the music is to assess, and help you take stock of what will require most of your attention/preparation. I think the Parry & Vierne will not take much more work to be concert-ready. I also want to congratulate the Sopranos and altos on their good work with the Britten. Some tricky spots, to be sure, but your overall sound/blend on those movements was quite good. Now that everyone has music, and can take advantage of the edit masters online, I look forward to some very productive rehearsals on the Kodaly.

A reminder to you all that there is no rehearsal this coming Monday (April 3). I look forward to seeing you all on Monday, April 10.


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Chorale,

I hope everyone has had a good week so far. Please read this message for important information.

At Monday’s rehearsal, several items were left on your seat including a flyer for our upcoming concert, a program advertisement form, a flyer for our golf tournament, and information about auction items for the golf fundraiser. Please post the King of Instruments flyer where you can and share with those you know. I will have plenty extra available at the next rehearsal for you to take more!

The program advertisement form is attached to this email. It is due April 24th. Please reach out to local businesses and friends to get advertisements for the King of Instruments program. See the attachment for more information.

Golf Committee is working hard to get ready for June 26th! Please reach out if you are interested in getting involved in the committee. The flyer and form left on your seats, provided information on the tournament itself and potential auction items — we are looking for people to help submit items. More flyers will be available at the next rehearsal. Be on the lookout for another email with more information on the Golf Tournament soon!

Tickets for this concert are now available on our website! Use coupon code: CHORALEFAN for the membership discount at check out! Click the button below to purchase your tickets today!

Please enjoy your weekend — I will see you on Monday, April 10th!


Message from our Friends